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I have a blog where I explore design concepts and the process of Graphic Design.

thoughts on process

Work I have done

I view being a designer as being an eternal student. I see each project as an opportunity to learn and sharpen.

my past work

Hot out the oven

Something smells good. Enjoy my most recently completed, fully baked, work!

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Let's talk about my experience.


I graduated in Integrated Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design and earned two minors in Advertising and Web Design. Despite having graduated, I plan to be a lifetime student.

Dozens of clients

I can quickly distill a client's desires and apply it to the design. My clients always feel confident the product will be exactly what they want because I take the time to understand and excel in interpersonal communication.

Skill-set Diversity

Working with dozens of clients has shaped me into a well rounded designer. I have developed the ability to adapt my design stylistically to a client's needs.

Web Design

I am a classically trained graphic designer with knowledge of UX and Web desgin. I have WordPress experience and am knowledgeable in HTML5 and CSS3. Want proof? I hand-coded this website using SASS and CSS3

Some other skills

Aside from being able to smoke the bejibbles out of a pork shoulder, of course.

  • Adobe Creative Suite

    Mastery of Mac and PC Adobe Suite versions 4 and up.

  • Adobe Acrobat X Pro

    In-depth clerical knowledge of X Pro: Building Docs, marking, etc.

  • Microsoft Products

    Fluent in operation of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

    Excell at intermediate photo manipulation with 3 and up and very comfortable with Camera RAW.

  • Photography with DSLR

    I know my way around a camera pretty well.

  • HTML5

    I'm very proficient in HTML.

  • CSS3

    I am comfortable with this powerful language.

  • SASS

    This Pre-Processor is incredible, and I don't know how I lived without it.

  • Bash

  • Git

  • Django

  • Responsive Design